After a long period of writing, rather than writing about writing, I’m back in the blog again, with words of encouragement for people who are slogging away trying to find some kind of platform for their work.  Don’t give up.  I’ve spent the last thirteen years working on three novels, then re-working them, then putting them in a metaphorical drawer and forgetting about them, then sneaking them out and revising a paragraph here, a chapter there, never quite able – and this is the crucial point – to let go of them.  I have had the advantage of having an agent fighting my corner during these long years and to her eternal credit she has never given up on me.  Result?  My book THE LINE BETWEEEN US, described by Joanna Lumley as, “a heart-rending love story,” was published by Endeavour Press this August and they have also just re-issued the novel which got me started on this writing lark, REBECCA’S CHILDREN.

It’s left me feeling a little tremulous, a little shaken.  There’s something disconcerting about getting your heart’s desire – suddenly, you’re in an altered state, the longing gone.  It also begs the question about what you do next. But in fact the longing isn’t quite gone, the urge to write, to create, is a difficult habit to break and as it happens I’ve another book waiting in the drawer…

The moral of my story?

  • You can always improve on what you’ve written.
  • Put yourself about – enter every writing competition you can find.
  • The next submission might be the one that’s accepted.