Brexit – What the Hell Happens Now? By Ian Dunt

If you are an unashamed Remainiac like me, Ian Dunt’s analysis of how we extricate ourselves from the European Union following the referendum in June 2016 is a compulsory read. Even if you voted to leave, it is a salutary account of the complexities that will confront us during the process of negotiation which lies ahead. The book is clearly slanted in favour of staying in as much of the Union as possible, but this doesn’t stop it from being a forensic account of the pitfalls the Brexiteers are going to have to deal with as they pick their way through the minutiae of trade and regulatory legislation. Given the detail that Dunt includes, the book is an easy read. It is extremely well-researched and well-informed, accessible and yes –even witty, at times. There was a crowd funding initiative which raised enough money to provide every single MP with a copy, in order brief them before Article 50 was triggered – money well spent. I’d recommend that everybody buys and reads the book before too much water flows under the bridge.