I love this picture, taken in France last summer.

I like it because of the moody sky, the black trees, the dark earth. I like the layered light of the setting sun. It’s a brooding scene, full of atmosphere.

There is – you’ve guessed it – a creative writing lesson to be learned from it. The presence of the three solitary birds sitting on the telegraph wire adds enormously to the emotional weight of the image. They seem so separate from each other, waiting for we don’t know what. To me they add poignancy, suggesting something transitory, something small and vulnerable. In terms of the composition of the photograph, they are a tiny part of the whole, the smallest detail.

The moral for today? That it is here, in the detail, that great things occur. When you are working on a story or an individual scene, concentrate on the big picture by all means, but remember that a tiny but telling detail could do all the hard work for you.

Have a great weekend.