I’ve had a long day’s writing and I’m tired. You would think this might mean that it’s time for me to shut down my computer and go and have a cup of tea – even a biscuit! However, I’ve learned over the years that I often write best when I’m weary. Perhaps it’s because my defences are lower and I’m less resistant, so feelings and ideas can surface more easily. Perhaps the brutal truth is that it takes eight hours work to set the flow of words in motion. Whatever the reason, I often think it’s best not to stop work when you’re beginning to flag, that instead you should throw yourself into it even more. Write until you become almost incoherent; write until you’re exhausted. You might find it’s rubbish when you come to reread it in the morning, but my guess is that you will find nuggets of pure gold that would normally be inaccessible to you.