Just back from the smoke full of inspirational thoughts garnered from three excellent seminars organised by the Society of Authors. In the light of my ongoing shed odyssey, was thrilled to discover that first on the podium was Alex Johnson, author of the excellent Shedworking blog (and related book).

To a relative novice like me, he was full of excellent advice about how to blog well: reminding us of the need to enter a dialogue with visitors, to be interactive, to talk with, not at them (hmm, guilty? ed.) So from here on in (once I have moved into said shed and got my life back) expect Multiple Entry Points! Images! Latest news! Even audio and video!

But in spite of these hotly anticipated bells and whistles, I’ll try to remember to do what I love the best – to write with as much passion and insight about the craft of writing as I possibly can.

Watch this space…